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About The Project

Hygiene Links founded in the year 2006 in UAE is one of the leading companies dealing in a number of products. Hygiene Links have manufacturing units such as Plastic Manufacturing Unit as well as Detergent and Disinfectant Manufacturing Unit and Paper Products Manufacturing Unit. The company is also engaged in the import and export of cleaning products. Hygiene Links is also one of the best dealers of TTS Italy products and its accessories in UAE.
Digital Links was assigned with the work of Amazon SEO of the product Hygiene Links Disposable Prayer Mats.

Low Product Visibility, Low Product Ranking, Low Sales, Low ROI in Amazon

Hygiene Links Disposable Prayer Mats which is listed in Amazon is priced at the best competitive price and is also one of the best quality products available in the market. However the product did not sell as expected and ranked low in the product list and did not stand out from its competitors. With low visibility and low sales, the ROI got affected greatly.

Poor Amazon SEO

Poor Amazon SEO made Hygiene Links Disposable Prayer Mats buried under the uncountable Amazon list of products. Hygiene Links had first class product to sell but no buyers. The opportunity to sell the products with time further got reduced with similar products from different brands taking over the product list ranking.

The Problem Solvers: Digital Links Amazon SEO Team

Digital Links took over the work of Amazon SEO of Hygiene Links Disposable Prayer Mats. The core issues were first identified by our expert team. After an initial audit and understanding things such as the current ranking of the product, source of traffic, visitor journey, competitor ranking and so on, the team came up with efficient Amazon SEO strategies and methods.

The Solution: Comprehensive Amazon SEO

Digital Links Amazon SEO solutions started the assignment by carrying out Deep keyword research & analysis, Product listing optimization and discoverability, On page optimization & improvements, Competition analysis and Copywriting (A++ content). The strategies were first developed and then implemented successfully as part of the comprehensive Amazon SEO solution. With qualified and experienced team on board the selling method of the product and discoverability drastically changed. Within a short time everything was executed following the client approval. It was noticed that the product did not have any strategy which supported Amazon SEO. Understanding this, Amazon SEO work was done from scratch followed by distinctive and exclusive SEO solution for the particular product.

The Result – A sudden change in the product discoverability, Product ranked first in the Amazon result page, Increase in Sales

The Amazon SEO work of Digital Links paid off within two months. The product discoverability not only saw a sudden change but within short time the product was ranked first in the Amazon E-commerce site search result. Further customers displayed more engagement with the product, and responded positively to the Call to Action. The conversion rates improved and the brand value improved. The customers who use any keyword related to the product discovered the product first on the Amazon E-commerce page. Hygiene Links started getting more sales and higher ROI.

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