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What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services or AWS, as it is known for short, comes with a horde of infrastructure services and a whole package of storage options, networking, computing, and database services that completely revolutionised the way businesses and even individuals manage their IT and data. The scalability, reliability and flexibility of AWS is what makes it a trusted choice for hundreds of thousands of organisations globally. Being a leading cloud services provider, it actually doesn’t need much of an introduction, because with AWS, you can store all your data on local machines, and be assured that it will be safely stored. With the platform, you get to enjoy full-featured comprehensive services, and the services are all on-demand.


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AWS Service Dubai, UAE

Digital Links has carved a niche for itself as a trusted, adaptable and cost-effective provider for Amazon web services in Dubai. Through our services, you can easily manage your workloads and move the data to the cloud, if needed. We have an excellent team with years of experience in handling cloud computing, so they help you maintain data security, data recovery and other data related services.

Over the years, we have created an impressive portfolio of clients happy with our services, and they rely on us for their data needs, including cloud migration.  We specialise in understanding your business strategy and then providing services where AWS will act as infrastructure as a service.

Once you partner with us, as reliable Amazon web services UAE, we will assign a team of specialists who can support your crucial business process through a number of services including data transfer, resource utilisation, application administration and so on. With the right moves, we can help manage your data in the right way. 

Benefits of Amazon Cloud Services Dubai

If you are still contemplating whether to leverage Amazon web services in Dubai, it would be good to know some of the benefits of using it. These services would secure any doubts you have regarding AWS. 



Archiving is one of the most demanded solutions with AWS. With Amazon S3, you virtually have an exceptional storage solution enabling compliance, digital preservation and long term retention.


High Performance Computing

With this facility, you can gain insights faster and handle complex simulations and deep learning workloads with ease. With high performance computing, AWS aims to push boundaries in what was achievable in the digital landscape.


ML and AI

AWS employs the latest innovations in ML and AI to provide and they have an impressive array of services to get deeper and richer insights from your data.



Businesses looking to scale their resources up and down according to demand, will benefit greatly from AWS. Perfect for businesses with fluctuating workloads.



The security of AWS is truly unique, and their compliance with various security standards make them highly regarded.


Innovative tools and technologies

AWS comes with a horde of innovative tools and technologies that you can apply to store and use your data.


Leveraging the benefits of Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Through our AWS services, you can choose from the three main versions of cloud solutions – public, private and hybrid. Get in touch with us to know which would be the most feasible option for your organisation’s requirements.   

These are just a few of the services that you can enjoy with AWS. We can walk you through how Amazon web services in Dubai can transform the way your business is conducted too. While you focus on other aspects of your business, we will manage your data, protect it and leverage the best from it.

Through consistency, reliability and efficiency in services, Digital Links is the number one choice for most companies in Dubai. With our Managed Cloud Services, you can begin to focus more on your business, than worry about the technical aspect of your operations, because the latter will be handled efficiently by us. We can help you migrate your whole IT infrastructure to one of the most trusted cloud hosting platforms, and take your business to the next level. With all the benefits of this platform, especially the high-performance computing and database management, there is no way anything can go wrong. Choosing Digital Links will be the right business move for you because we have the experience, the knowledge and the tools to help you make a seamless migration.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Consulting and Maintenance Services

Digital Links is a leading Amazon web services in Dubai with experience in designing cloud servers and maintenance. There are a number of ways in which you can design the servers because AWS has a huge number of products/services (2000 and counting), just for this purpose. But how do you design the servers, and choose the best solution for your needs? Our expert team can help with this because we have designed numerous server architectures till date and have been able to deliver the best performance and security. With our guidance, you can take the most out of the AWS cloud server design and consultancy.

We provide the best AWS consultancy services

If you are looking to leverage the best from your Amazon web services in Dubai, we would be the perfect partner for it, offering a range of services that you can personalise according to your needs. Businesses have to stay updated with the latest trends, tools and services to stay ahead of competition and with the help of AWS consulting partners, you can not only make an indelible mark in the online competitive world, but generate profitable returns as well.

We are the authorised consulting partner for Amazon Web Services and are equipped with all the skills and qualifications needed to create the best solutions and strategies to offer the highest quality solutions in cloud-related services. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by partnering with us.

Access to the latest digital resources - We use the best digital resources in the market for creative effective solutions to manage the data and infrastructure. We have an experienced team successful in the efficient deployment of the right AWS strategies.

Benefits of Our AWS Consultancy Service

Here are the benefits of our Amazon web services in Dubai:

  • The ultimate solutions for cloud-related services - As we provide comprehensive AWS related services, we don't have to worry about managing multiple teams for all cloud related services. We provide all of this and more, and can help with your future strategies too.
  • Cost-effectiveness - It is not a mere claim that our services are cost-effective, your cloud related services will be managed by our fully competent professionals at cost-effective rates.
  • Stay focussed on your business goal - The biggest advantage of all. Your infrastructure service and cloud requirements will be expertly handled and managed while you focus on your business goals. Just stay focussed on enhancing other aspects of your business while we manage the technicalities of managing your data.
  • AWS Cloud Server Maintenance service

    Along with AWS consultancy services, we also provide AWS cloud server maintenance services. Servers, whether they are online or offline, require regular maintenance.

    Our team will handle all the server maintenance requirements through regular monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. We will also provide a weekly or monthly server performance report so you will know how the servers are functioning, because transparency is key. And when you know how the servers are performing, it is possible to schedule tasks and perform maintenance or upgrade tasks smoothly. As your reliable and experienced AWS partner, we will keep the cloud infrastructure in peak condition.

    Choose Digital Links for your AWS cloud server maintenance, and you don't have to look back. We will make sure your digital journey is smooth, secure and hassle-free. Let us manage and take the responsibility of your cloud infrastructure, so you can focus on the other core aspects of your business.

    How we Help with Our Amazon Web Services Dubai

    With our Amazon Web services in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about your infrastructure or their maintenance. Digital Links will work as your trusted AWS partner, so you can enjoy the optimal benefits of cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility. We will first analyse your business needs, and then suggest a personalised AWS plan that will accommodate all your business needs. This can be scaled up and down according to the season. We will begin our work by choosing the right cloud services suitable for the optimal functioning of your business processes. And based on this, we will be able to provide the following benefits:

    Cost effectiveness

    Compliance delivers lower cost of entry, improved agility and easier operations. There is no long-term commitment because you are only paying for what you need. This makes the services affordable and reasonable.

    Security, risk and compliance

    The security with AWS is at the highest levels, following four major fields of

    • Type
    • Protocol
    • Port Range and
    • Source

    Both compliance activities and risk management are pre-launch and post launch activities that will validate that all the security risks have been identified and dealt with.

    Big Data

    Since AWS and Big Data go hand in hand, we can help you leverage the impressive range of tools and services that enhance the storage, processing and analysis of huge volumes of data. AWS has various data storage solutions that we can leverage for this purpose. No matter how big the data is, or where it is coming from, we can help with real-time data streaming and transfer to central repositories.

    Machine Learning

    With a comprehensive set of services offered by AWS, you will be able to make the most of your ML adoption journey, with fully managed infrastructure, tools and workflows, etc.

    Artificial Intelligence

    With AWS, businesses have access to a number of AI tools so they can innovate, improve their sales and provide better customer experience, including creating human voices through deep learning technologies.

    AWS offers an impressive range of services that you can leverage to provide better service to your customers. With an AWS partner, you can make use of state of the art facilities like compute, storage, databases, etc. Here are some of them below:

    Amazon Management Console

    With access to Amazon Management Console, you will be able to use a broad range of services that Amazon Web Services use.

    Data Security

    Through sophisticated Data Security capabilities, you will have control of the data that’s stored, including who has access to it, and how it is secured.

    AWS Cloud Deployment

    With AWS Cloud Deployment, it is possible to automate software deployments to compute services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), AWS Lambda, etc.

    We offer these services and more to help you adopt AWS efficiently and in a secure manner. We offer guidance in providing these services, so you can scale at will

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) are Used for

    Irrespective of what kind of business you run, data is something you cannot take lightly. Proper storage, sharing and delivery of data is the crux of the whole thing., and when it comes to critical business processes, you can never compromise on data storage and security. We provide on-demand delivery of IT resources so they are flexible, economical, and you can scale up or down at any time. Amazon Web Services are so much better than on-premises infrastructure because you don't have to manage any expensive hardware. AWS has multiple use cases. So no matter what business you run, or what industry you belong to, AWS is the best option for managing your data.

  • Websites - Businesses, government organisations and non-profits enjoy scalable and low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications. Our developers make use of AWS Amplify, a portal through which they can use tools and services with cloud functionality. AWS also has a wide range of options for marketing, ecommerce and other websites
  • Enterprise Applications - AWS can provide that low-cost, scalable option if you are looking to reduce costs, modernise legacy applications and accelerate cloud migration. You can enjoy scalable, pay as you go services that run in the cloud.
  • Big Data - The ever growing influx of data and its increasing velocity can be efficiently handled with Big Data analytics provided by AWS. Let us help you manage Big Data and reduce costs, while scaling to meet demand.
  • Backup and Storage - AWS provides better services than on-premises infrastructure when it comes to efficiency and scalability for their backup and recovery program. The storage solutions are completely secure, with no worry of hackers.
  • Digital Media - It is the capability of AWS that enables digital media creators, producers and directors to provide scalable and affordable solutions for all their data requirements by managing, protecting, scaling, computing and analysing all of their digital media content
  • Mobile Apps - With AWS, you have access to AWS Mobile hub where you can develop and deploy apps and easily reach out to millions of users on a global level. We can help leverage all the features within the Mobile Hub so you can sail through each stage of mobile app development, including testing, with ease.
  • AWS Region in the United Arab Emirates

    With AWS available in the UAE region, businesses can leverage groundbreaking, relevant and excellent solutions to help grow and scale their businesses. Customers in the UAE region can make use of all the advanced tools and technologies, with huge data storage facilities that support security, scalability and flexibility. With this UAE is poised to position itself as a leading digital economy, thanks to the availability of all the latest cutting edge technology that will support business growth. With AWS, businesses can reduce the time and costs involved with procuring and deploying ICT infrastructure and scale up whenever required.

    Let us help raise your cloud ambitions effectively and according to your business requirement while complying with the local rules and regulations

    Why choose AMZ Marketing Hub for Amazon Web Service in Dubai

    With Digital Links, you can enjoy the full potential, services, advanced tools and technologies of Amazon Web Services. Let us help you through your journey towards a scalable, flexible and high-performance cloud solution. With our services, you can be assured of multiple layers of operational safety and physical security of your critical data. We constantly monitor AWS tools regarding security protocols, and make sure your data is protected under these updated protocols, with no room for compromises. Our team will always be there monitoring your critical business data 24/7, while you enjoy fulfilling your business goals and expansion requirements. AWS’s flexibility advantages cover all that and more.

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