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About The Project

Hygiene For All is one of the popular and distinguished dealers and sellers of cleaning and hygiene products. Having a wide array of products, Hygiene For All aims to meet the requirements of customers. Taking into account the best interests of the consumers, Hygiene For All offers quality products at the most cost effective option.
Hygiene For All assigned the work of Amazon SEO of the product Disposable Non-woven Microfiber Duster Gloves to Digital Links.

Lack of product list optimization, low product visibility, low ranking, poor sales in Amazon

The product ‘Disposable Non-woven Microfiber Duster Gloves’ listed in Amazon saw low or no sales with poor Amazon SEO marketing activity. The top quality product priced at the most affordable rate was lost in the innumerable number of similar products sold in Amazon. Potential buyers even had no idea of its existence.

Improper Amazon SEO

The product Non-woven Microfiber Duster Gloves sold by Hygiene For. All was sold in Amazon but Amazon SEO for the product was not implemented. Hence the product was not visible to the potential buyers and ranked poorly in the Amazon marketplace. With more and more competitors coming up with improved strategies for its counter parts the sales further declined.

The Problem Solvers: Digital Links Amazon SEO Team

Digital Links Amazon SEO team implemented Comprehensive Amazon SEO. The core issue were first identifies through analysis and various strategies. The product ranking, buying pattern of users, competitor analysis and so were identifies. The team came up with the best Amazon SEO strategies which would benefit the particular product in the short term as well as the long term.

The Solution: Comprehensive Amazon SEO

Product List Optimization, In-Depth Keyword Research and Analysis, Creation of Persuasive Copies, Competitor Analysis, PPC Campaigns, Image Optimization etc were carried out as part of rendering comprehensive Amazon SEO solution. The work was done from scratch. Amazon SEO solution was not only developed within a small time frame but was also implemented very quickly and effectively.

The Result – Product ranked first in the Amazon E-commerce result page, Growth in Sales

With efficient Amazon SEO the product ‘Disposable Non-woven Microfiber Duster Gloves’ is ranked first in the Amazon E-commerce site search result. The visibility of the product drastically improved and its conversion rates also increased. The sales gradually grew and ROI also improved. Potential buyers displayed more engagement with the product. The product is shown first when any keyword specific for the product is searched by the users in the Amazon E-commerce site.

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